Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Sealing

Vinyl flooring whether it be in a Tile format or a full floor covering has come a long way from the days of being a flimsy plastic based product some of which were made from a wood pulp/resin mix called Linoleum, hence the word Lino.

Manufacturers have since introduced products that are tough, scratch resistant blends which are a lot more durable than in the past. Well-known brands include Amtico, Karndean, Altro and Rhino flooring and although durable these products do require a sealer to protect the surface from marking, enhance the colour and appearance of the Vinyl and if required add a sheen finish.

Amtico Vinyl During Cleaning in Heysham
Like any sealed surface, the sealer on Vinyl will wear down over time depending on use and so will require stripping off and re-applying. Tile Doctor has a long background in creation of products for the removal of sealers and have developed Tile Doctor Vinyl Strip, which will strip off any remaining sealer and prepare the Vinyl for a new coating.
To reseal the floor Tile Doctor recommend Tile Doctor Vinyl Shine, either 2 or 3 coats can be applied to give a satisfactory sheen finish and enhance the colours.
For regular cleaning and to help maintain the life of the sealer we recommend Tile Doctor Neutral cleaner for aftercare, it’s a PH neutral formula that will clean the floor effectively without damaging the sealer.
Tile Doctor Vinyl Strip
Tile Doctor Vinyl Strip is an effective heavy duty floor polish stripper that quickly removes polish and films and coatings from vinyl floors. The special formulation enabled the removal of heavy dark polish build-up that can occur around the edges of rooms additionally its biodegradable, phosphate free and leaves a pleasant floral fragrance.
Vinyl Shine Floor Sealer
Tile Doctor Vinyl Shine is a modern high solids polymer floor seal and polish designed to protect and enhance the appearance of Vinyl floor tiles. The formula includes special polymers which produce a ‘Wet Look’ finish whilst enhancing slip-resistance. A first coat seals and protects the floor and a second produces a gloss finish. An optional third coat will give you a super high gloss finish.
Tile Doctor Neutral Tile Cleaner
Many tile cleaning products sold on the market today are designed for cleaning ceramic rather than stone surfaces, as a result they can slowly etch away at the sealed surface of your stone floor reducing the life of your sealer. Tile Doctor concentrated Neutral Tile and Stone cleaner has been especially formulated for the regular cleaning of Sealed Stone and Tile surfaces keeping them fresh with a pleasant mint scent.
Stripping and Sealing Amtico Vinyl in North Lancashire
Amtico Floor Silverdale Before Cleaning Amtico Floor Silverdale After Cleaning
Renovating an Amtico Floor at a Wimbledon Hair Salon
Amtico Floor Wimbledon Hair Salon Before Cleaning Amtico Floor Wimbledon Hair Salon After Cleaning
Linoleum Tiled Floor Before Restoration in York Linoleum Tiled Floor After Restoration in York
Amtico Vinyl During Cleaning in Heysham Amtico Vinyl After Cleaning and Sealing in Heysham
Vinyl Floor in Wyken During Cleaning
Vinyl Floor in Wyken After Cleaning
Amtico Floor Manchester Hallway Before
Amtico Floor Manchester Hallway After
Vinyl Kitchen and Bathroom Floor Before Deep Cleaning Worcester Park
Vinyl Kitchen and Bathroom Floor After Deep Cleaning Worcester Park